HIME 366

Welcome to the resources website for HIME/MEST 366! You’ll find all of your readings and recorded lectures on Canvas, as well as road maps that will guide you through the assignments and due dates. This site will compile all of the resources we will use for our discussions on Wednesdays and Fridays.

We will discuss the history of the Middle East and Islamic World from 600 to 1050 in this class. The first half of the class follows more or less chronologically, following the establishment of the Caliphate, the Umayyads, and the ‘Abbasids. With the weakening of ‘Abbasid central authority, so we shift to a regional organization. Weeks 7-10 examine the regional emirates moving from the East to the West. Weeks 11-13 examine the conflicting claims to the Caliphate in the tenth century.

Before the Empire

Empire Established

Regional Emirates

Conflicting Caliphates