A 10th-century Manuscript

This manuscript is in Coptic, a homily on the Virgin Mary from the 10th century.

An 11th-century Bowl

This lustered bowl from the 11th century shows a Coptic priest with a censer. The bowl has the word “happiness” in Arabic, though it could be a personal name of the man who made the bowl.

An 11th-century Decree

This decree by the caliph Zahir was preserved at the monastery of St. Catherine’s in the Sinai.

Source, pp. 93-4.

An 11th- or 12th century Manuscript

This is part of a Rabbinical work, written in Hebrew and found in the Geniza:

A 15th-century Description

Maqrizi, an Egyptian historian, wrote one of the most important histories of the Fatimids in Arabic in the 15th century. Here, he describes the training of the Fatimid caliph Mu’izz in the 10th century.

Source, p. 65.