A 9th-century Description

This passage is from Yaʿqubi, an Arab bureaucrat in the 9th century.

Source, pp. 933-5.

A 13th-century Description

This passage is from the Chronicle to 1234, an anonymous Christian history written in Syriac.

A 16th-century Depiction

These images are from a 16th-century manuscript written in Azeri Turkish. The first shows the horse of Husayn returning to camp alone, the second shows Hasan and Husayn martyred, holding their heads up.

A 19th-century Depiction

This mural shows Husayn about to go to battle at Karbala, holding his infant son ‘Ali. It is on the wall of a shrine in Lahijan, Iran.

A 19th-20th century Depiction

This painting was made in Iran at the end of the 19th or start of the 20th century. It depicts ‘Abbas, the half-brother of Husayn, in battle at Karbala.