Khosrow Aparvez (r. 590, 591-628)

Rock Relief at Taq-e Bostan

Khosrow II Aparvez is in the center here, with the goddess Anahita on the left and Ahura Mazda on the right. They are transferring the authority to rule to Khosrow.

Beneath this image is another of Khosrow II, this time on his horse:

A 7th-century Coin

Left: Bust of Khosrow II, wearing cap, crown with wings, star and crescent above, crescent in front, star left and right. Short beard, large ball of hair, mustache; diadem behind each shoulder, crescent on left shoulder. 2 rings, star and crescent symbols. Inscription in Middle Persian: “Khosrow has increased the royal glory.”

Right: Fire altar with upturned diadem ties. Two facing attendants wearing crescent-shaped crowns, holding staff resting on the ground in front. Star left, crescent right of flames. 3 rings, star and crescent symbols. Mint marked in Middle Persian.