A 10th- or 11th-century Pendant

This star of David pendant was found in a coin hoard in Spain, made between 929 and 1010.

A 10th-century Description

This snippet was written by Ibn ‘Abd Rabbihi, a poet who worked at the Umayyad court. He describes the involvement of the Jewish scribe Hasdai b. Shaprut in the court of ‘Abd al-Rahman III (here: al-Nasir l-din Allah).

Source, pp. 71-2.

An 11th-century Description

The following is an account of how things could go wrong. It is from Tibyan, written in Arabic by ‘Abd Allah bin Buluggin, the last Zirid emir of Granada. He describes the death of the Jewish vizier Yusuf b. Nagrella, who worked for the Berber Zirid dynasty in the middle of the 11th century.

Source, pp. 123-34.