Conquest of Mecca

An 8th/9th-century Description

This passage comes from the main biography of the Prophet Muhammad, written in the 8th century by Ibn Ishaq and preserved in the history of Ibn Hisham in the 9th century. The woman described here, Hind bt. ‘Utba, is famous for her role in opposing the Prophet Muhammad. She went to the battles between Mecca and Medina to support the Meccans. Many members of her family were killed fighting the Prophet Muhammad. She took revenge by mutilating the corpses of fallen Muslims, famously eating the liver of the Prophet’s uncle Hamza. Her husband was Abu Sufyan, making her the ancestor of the Umayyads.

source, pp. 552-4.

A 19th-Century Depiction

This image is from a Persian manuscript from Kashmir, dated 1808.