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A 13th-century Description

This passage was preserved in Ibn al-Jawzi’s 13th-century history. It purports to record the ‘Abbasid response to Fatimid claims of descent.

Source, pp. 24-5.

A 15th-century Description

Ibn Taghribirdi, a 15th-century Egyptian historian, wrote a biographical dictionary and several histories about Egypt in Arabic. Here, he describes the letter from a 10th-century Fatimid caliph to the Buyid emir (ruling on behalf of the ‘Abbasids).

Source, pp. 58-9.

A 15th-century Description

Maqrizi, an Egyptian historian, wrote one of the most important histories of the Fatimids in Arabic in the 15th century. Here, he describes a Byzantine envoy reporting his relationship with the Fatimid caliph Mu’izz.

Source, p. 207.