Idris II

A 15th-century Description

This text was written by Tanasi in the 15th century, purporting to preserve a passage by Idris II’s contemporary Dawud b. al-Qasim.

I was amazed by what I saw of [Idris II’s] bravery, strength, and firmness of resolve. Then he turned toward me and said, “oh Dawud, why is it that I see you staring at me so much?”

I said, “Oh Imam, I am amazed at the qualities in you that I have seen in no one else.”

“What are they?” he asked.

“Your goodness, your beauty, the firmness of your intellect, the openness of your demeanor, and your determination in fighting the enemy,” I answered.

Then he said, “Oh Dawud, what you have seen is what we have inherited from the baraka of our ancestor the Messenger (may God bless and preserve him) and from his prayers for us and blessings upon us. This [the Prophet] has passed on as a legacy to our father, the Imam ‘Ali (may God honor his countenance).”

Source, pp. 200-201.

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