Heraclius (r. 610-641)

A 7th-century Coin

This coin was minted by Heraclius in Constantinople between 638 and 641. It shows his two sons to ensure that they’d be recognized as his heirs.

A 7th-Century Manuscript Illustration

This image is a depiction of Job from a 7th-century Greek Bible. It is possibly modeled after Heraclius and his family.

A 7th-century Account of Heraclius’s Speech

This text purports to be Heraclius’s words to his army, recorded by George of Pisidia in Greek.

Source, pp. 113-4

A 12th-Century Depiction

This depiction of Heraclius was once part of a 12th-century French cross. It shows Heraclius and the Sasanian emperor Khosrow Aparvez. It has inscriptions in Latin that labels the two men.